The most important lesson: share with anyone you can.

2021.12.03 03:44 randyColumbine The most important lesson: share with anyone you can.

The Five steps that create a school shooter:
The Five Steps: Bullying. Humiliation. Hypervigilance. Violentization. Violence.
Bullying is a very specific word. Let’s discuss it. Bullying describes physical or emotional threats, but, in my definition, it is limited. It could be the threat of physical violence, but only at a personal level. As an example, two boys have an altercation, because one of them is larger and more physical, and he teases or beats up the weaker boy. A very simple example, of course.
Bullying is one on one, and is not witnessed by others. It is instilling fear and control into someone, through the acts of the bully.
When I bully you in front of other people, I have added a new level of pain. I have humiliated you.
My bullying has been witnessed by other children, or parents, or teachers. Now, you have been humiliated.
You have been physically abused, and embarrassed. You have been humiliated. Now, the bullying is public. It is embarrassing. It stings. It is remembered. Everyone knows you are a coward and weak.
Humiliation is a much deeper and longer lasting fear, and problem. The child is embarrassed. The child remembers it, and it changes them. Some will become suicidal. Some will withdraw from society, and friends, as a defense mechanism. They will all be changed, and remember it.
Yes, some children will be resilient, and let it bounce off their stronger egos, and not be changed, but they will remember it forever. It may teach the stronger ones to not humiliate other children, and it may teach others that humiliating children is acceptable and ok. It is the beginning of pain. The question is, how will the child react to the pain. Will they internalize it, or will they externalize it? Will they become withdrawn, shy, afraid, and damaged, or will they respond with violence?
This is the big one. Bullied and humiliated children will respond in many different ways, but hypervigilance will accentuate the response. A humiliated child, who is constantly humiliated, will become sensitive to humiliation. They will become afraid, and they will notice every single instance of humiliation and bullying, and they will remember it, magnify it, and absorb it, until it becomes the driving force in their life. Continued bullying and humiliation will create the state of hypervigilance. Every potential humiliation, or even the hint of it, is listed and categorized by the humiliated student. They see the bully knock a kid down, and they note it. They see girls making fun of a boy, and it is remembered and accentuated. They hear laughter from across the room, and they know the laughter is about them. They know it. They are afraid. They are embarrassed. They have become hypervigilant. Every instance of interaction in a school is a reflection on them, or on the bullies in the school. They accentuate their fear, and learn that they are not safe, not protected. This leads to suicides, depression, dropping out, sadness, and changes in personality. It can also lead to violence. Since they are being humiliated, and no one is defending them, a few children will decide to be violent, and get revenge.
But why revenge? They believe they have been humiliated and physically abused. They believe that it is unjust. They have been unfairly abused. They have developed a perceived injustice, which is the same to them as an actual injustice. To them the injustice was real, and wrong. They decide to get revenge.
Yes, A word that you are not familiar with: Violentization. Discussed in great detail in Lonnie Athens book “The Creation of Dangerous and Violent Criminals,” this is the process that some boys, and girls, will use to defend themselves. It starts as a simple standing up for yourself, but in subtle ways. Fighting the bully is impossible, so they will dye their hair black, wear dark clothes, wear sunglasses, and start to bully or be physical with other weaker children. They respond to continued humiliation by humiliating other children. They respond to the fear by creating fear. This reaction will increase and continue to increase, often to dangerous levels. This process of violentization is what creates criminals and violence. Certainly not in all cases, but it is a major cause. This process requires a mentor, a teacher, who will instruct the hypervigilant and defensive child in ways to act, in how to be tough. In school shootings, the mentors are the bullies, then other bullied kids at a school, who have learned to fight bullies as a group. In school shootings, video games are a mentor. They teach the bullied child how to fight back, with knives and weapons and bombs. And, in school shootings, movies are a mentor. They teach violence and violent responses to injustice. I don’t need to give an example here, do I? Here is a short list: Death Wish (1974), Blood Father, Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill, The Punisher, Falling Down, Mad Max, 22 Bullets, RoboCop, Death Wish 4, American History X, A History of Violence, Super Dark Times, Scarface, Seven, Collateral, John Wick, John Wick 2, The Equalizer, Shooter, John Wick 3, Vengeance, Death Wish (2018), Carrie, The Brave One, Acts of Vengeance, I Am Wrath, and hundreds and hundreds of other movies. The mentor does not have to be the criminal next door. It can be, and is, the violence in theatres and on television. We ignore it. These children watch and receive instructions.
Video games, some of them, act as a mentor too. The violent ones teach the coldness of killing and death. They teach the ease of killing. They teach violence. They are the unfeeling, cold, cruel, impersonal teacher of death.
At some point, in the process of violentization, the bullied child makes a decision to be violent. They decide to get revenge. That accounts for the rarity, in general, of school shootings. It takes a continued environment of bullying and humiliation, without intervention on the behalf of the bullied child, for the process of violentization to reach the point where the bullied child makes that decision. It takes time for the bullied child to decide to be violent, and more time to get the weapon and build the bombs, so that they can carry out their plans for revenge. They are just living the lessons they have learned in the movies, and on television, and in the violent video games. Their environment is the mentor that teaches them to get revenge, to kill those who have wronged him.
Constant humiliation and bullying will create, in some victims, a violent response. Living with fear, living with the awareness that they are being bullied and humiliated, will, in some cases, create a response of violence. If I bully you enough, if I humiliate you enough, you may respond with violence. It is a way of rebuilding your damaged self-image. It is a way of stopping the humiliation. It is a way of stopping the fear, and fear is a great motivator. The wonderful author James Gilligan writes about this in his book: “Violence.” It is profound, and well documented. In that book he states very simply that: “humiliation creates violence.” Constant humiliation creates a need for justice, a correction of the perceived injustice that the child is living. Constant humiliation creates a need for revenge, and therefore violence.
There you have the recipe, the creation of school shooters. Yes, this is a fairly simple overview. Yes, this is applicable mostly to school shooters, but it does apply to many criminals.
That is the process. It takes most of those steps, without interference from an outside source, to reach the level of a school shooter.
The humiliation has to be consistent, and sustained. It has to remain uninterrupted, without someone stopping it, or defending the humiliated child. It has to remain secret, which, with the “boy code” of never telling anyone, is pretty common. As a bullied child, I am not going to tell the Principal, or my parents. I might tell my brother, or he might see it. If he does, and does something about it, I may never develop a hypervigilant state, and the process may be interrupted. I will never tell my mother or father. My mother wouldn’t be able to stop it, and my father would tell me to: “Be a man.” To a bullied boy, that is a hopeless source of protection. The “boy code” gives bullies power and impunity.
One teacher, one school administrator can stop it, by simply being vigilant and watching for abuse. So can one parent. So can one friend. But, it has to be acknowledged. It has to be addressed.
Humiliation creates violence.
Take away the humiliation, and the angry boy will not need to go to the school to get revenge.
And now, the lesson for school shooters, written directly to you. Please read and give this some thought.
You have been bullied. You have been humiliated. You are angry. You want revenge.
You are starting to plan your revenge. You have decided to become violent. You are making the wrong decision. You are becoming the very thing you hate. You are going to become the biggest bully. That is the wrong decision. Don’t become the very thing you hate. Don’t become the biggest bully.
Decide to be non-violent. Decide to become a loving, caring human being.
Decide to become the thing you love.
Make a conscious decision to be better than the bullies, to be wiser, to be kind.
Become a loving, caring human being. Live your life with kindness and be a loving, caring human being.
Randy Brown
I suggest reading the following books: “Why They Kill” by Richard Rhodes, “When A Child Kills” by Paul Mones, “Violence” by James Gilligan, “Lost Boys” by James Garbarino, and “The Creation of Dangerous and Violent Criminals” by Lonnie Athens.
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2021.12.03 03:44 Asleep_Onion Fenix 7 - What we know so far

Fenix 7 - What we know so far
NOT an actual photo, but based on a supposedly leaked photo showing the left-half of this watch, we think it will look very close to this.
Over the last 2 days or so, there has been substantial talk about leaked Fenix 7 information, and most notably, at least a dozen people claim to have actually seen and held a sample of the device in person at various events in the last week. So I think it's safe to say that Garmin is getting ready for launch on this. Details are scarce, but here's what I've been able to gather:
  1. The majority of sources are saying January 2022 launch date; but a few sources are stretching that out to Feb or March.
  2. Fenix 7 will retain exactly the same MIP screen as Fenix 6, with the same resolutions and sizes.
  3. An AMOLED model will also be available, which will be called "Epix 2" instead of Fenix 7. Possibly not released until a few months after Fenix 7.
  4. Battery life on the Fenix 7 should be very good, like Enduro. Unsurprisingly, Epix 2 battery life expected to be "okay" but not nearly as good as Fenix 7.
  5. Both Fenix 7 and Epix 2 will retain the 5 buttons, but will add a touchscreen interface which can be turned on or off.
  6. No word on LTE at all, nobody has a clue.
  7. Solar likely to become standard on most, possibly all models. Sapphire will be available on solar models.
  8. Solar panel ring is about 3x larger, meaning it may be at least 3x as effective as the solar on Fenix 6.
  9. 7X and Epix 2 will include some sort of "runner's light", which could either be for lighting up the ground ahead, or simply a safety light for traffic. Not sure which.
  10. Elevate 4 OHR sensor is a given. Dual Band GPS almost guaranteed.
  11. Native Running Power is assumed to be almost a guarantee, but nobody knows for sure.
That's pretty much all I've got for now. Like I said, none of this is absolutely 100% confirmed, it's just based on a collection of information I've found from several dozen different people who seem to have actually seen it in the last couple days. Cheers.
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Why not just find a few different girls to have sex sometimes???
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2021.12.03 03:44 PackRevolutionary645 Is it normal?

For the last few weeks I've been horny as fuck and want to be filled up with cum and have a group of men use my pussy and just be covered and full of cum while being in public and Everytime I masturbate i get even hornier .... Fuck I just need to get laid 🤤😅
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2021.12.03 03:44 Stunning-Tailor3879 Insecurities and IG

This is my first time doin something like this, so bare with me. My boyfriend (M25) and I (f23) have been together about 8 years. A little about me: I have a big struggle with body image and self hatred. I am extremely insecure and self depreciating - that being said, I don't put any pressure on him to help me deal with it. I know it's not his job to make me feel confident. My BF is very affectionate, he tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me and that he's going to marry me - the whole nine- very regularly. There was a point where I was taking the pill and my libido practically evaporated. I didn't have it in me to keep up with his demand, so I encouraged him to look at other girls on the internet for some relief. Now that I'm off the pill, my libido is up, and I hardly notice other people in a sexual way - it's pretty much just him. But the script has flipped because he seldom ever expresses interest in being sexual with me. I ask him and he tells me I'm beautiful and sexy, and being frustrated I countered with "but I'm not really your type" and proceeded to go into his following count and show him girl after girl that he likes that don't look a thing a like me. I just feel that, while he is definitely in love with me he isn't sexually attracted to me anymore. And he can deny it, but I see this big booty, straight haired , hourglass girls that he likes and feel like he's full of it. Like I told him, at least when I do find other men attractive I have consistency - but I am a total outlier from his tastes, a complete anomaly.
The initial argument happened months ago, and just last week I saw he still gets these kinds of photos on his feed and likes them and I got upset again. I talked and expressed how it made me feel like dirt and how it upset me that he didn't do anything to change the behavior even though he saw how much it upset me last time (I cried and didn't talk to him for a day and a half - we've talk almost every day constantly since we first got together) And he said "thank you for sharing", then proceeded to avoid going on Instagram around me. He said he unfollowed some of them, though I have no way of knowing, but I saw he liked a picture just a few hours ago.
I don't know what to do, I don't want to be a controlling dictator of a girlfriend, and I don't like this newfound habit of checking out the girls he's following - but this coupled with his lack of initiating sex truly makes me feel so violently insecure and undesired. He's definitely not the cheating type, but I don't like that he brushed off legitimate worries and insecurities that I have that are actually within reason. It's not his job to make sure I'm confident or whatever, I fully recognize that nothing he does can change how I feel about myself - that's something I have to work on - but don't you think that he could at least not gawk at the Belle delphines of the internet knowing that it makes me upset because I know I'm not even remotely like that? All this to say, how do I proceed with this? Stuff like this eats away at me, so advice on how to approach and reach a consensus or advice on how to get over it? Do I have a point, why or why not?
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2021.12.03 03:44 JeebuzCrist Dmt questions

Hi reddit,
I will be trying dmt tomorrow.
We will be using an oil burner pipe (meth style).
My dmt appears to be a little wet or sticky. But I'm 99% it's the real deal, it came from the fields of onion and tests positive for indole. I'll do a full reagent on it tonight though.
Question 1: Anyways, my question is, what's the best method to break it up into smaller chunks so we can control dose and loading better?
Question 2: there are 3 of us and personally I have an extreme amount of anxiety about the experience, I am worried about how to clean out the left over dmt before each person has a go (I will be facilitating the experience for everyone else and my self).
Question 3: personally I will be starting with 10mg, this dose is very unlikely to overwhelm me, correct? I understand it will be potentially uncomfortable and intense... But I'm unlikely to have a break through or pass out? I have dozens of lsd and mushroom trips and have had one or two k holes. I'm familiar with the psychedelic space, I will be meditating on letting go and trying to train my brain to remember to breath during the experience.
Question 4: those that also tried this strength of dose, did you still get euphoria after and was it enough to get prove to you that you want to go deepego for a breakthrough dose?
Thank you.
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2021.12.03 03:44 judgementforeveryone If Cynthia made Kyle wait to get glam done making her 40 min late to dinner she would have p***ed & made snide comments about her in confessional.

Y Typical Kyle had to take a swipe at Cynthia cuz Cynthia had a strong reaction to Kyle calling her out on her game. She had to be mean girl and bully her. Kyle showed more concern and tried to include Ramona even though Ramona horrible to deal w.
I hope LVP comes back solely becuz Kyle told Adam she absolutely won’t be back.
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2021.12.03 03:44 TheGame81677 I hate sneezing

My sinuses are bothering me now because of the weird Tn weather. I have been sneezing all day, damn I hate it! Every time I sneeze, my shoulder and back hurts. Sneezing is one bodily function I wish we didn’t have.
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2021.12.03 03:44 Ashamed_Pressure_701 [H] Various vapes, Paypal, EMT [W] Trades, various items

Vancouver, BC
I am looking to shake up my collection in order to satiate my VAS for now.


So yeah, let me know if you got any offers. Will send pics as needed. Thanks! If we can meet up in person, that'd be best.
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Dear Reddit, Please show me the power of Reddit and help a brother out with getting into White List by joining the discord invite for this Apes in Space NFT launch on the 5th (in 2 days!!) Discord link, pre-sale/public sale price in comment! 🦍🚀 submitted by kgb_george to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

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