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Mundbind bliver igen obligatorisk på SAS-fly i Skandinavien

2021.12.03 03:27 newsdk Mundbind bliver igen obligatorisk på SAS-fly i Skandinavien

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2021.12.03 03:27 jackipoo I have a spanish project due tommorow if anyone would like to proofread it its down below :)

La belleza se ve de un manera diferente de una persona a otra, pero las personas con puntos de vista similares pueden encontrar belleza en cosas similares. Principalmente en los países y estados de los estados unidos, esto se puede ver en las personas y en lo que les parece hermoso. Hay es muchos factores que pueden influir en la determinación de lo que uno ve como bello y cualquier combinación de factores puede llevar a una visión única de la belleza a través de la cultura o los sentimientos personales. Por lo tanto estaremos mirando los factores culturales que crean percepciones de belleza en el País de Argentina y los compararemos con las opiniones de belleza en el estado de Florida.
Los argentinos ven la belleza de manera diferente a los floridanos. Si bien los floridanos pueden unirse a través de la belleza natural de su estado y las bellezas culturales y sociales de las ciudades y atracciones de Florida, los argentinos encuentran la belleza en una cultura profunda que ha existido en Argentina durante cientos de años. A diferencia de Estados Unidos, Argentina no es un crisol de culturas, está formada en gran parte por los antepasados ​​de los patios de España que emigraron al país hace cientos de años. Por eso los Argetinos encuentran belleza en la cultura culinaria que dejaron los ancestrales gauchos y los lazos familiares que encuentran dentro de la comida. Es poco común que los floridanos tengan barbacoas a menos que sea el 4 de julio, en Argentina tienen barbacoas argentinas o carne asada al menos dos veces al mes. Los argentinos tienen tantas barbacoas porque son los segundos mayores consumidores de carne de res per cápita del mundo. En estos asados ​​hacen una plétora de platos tradicionales argentinos que se remontan a la época del Gaucho, o el vaquero argentino, quienes fueron los primeros pobladores en Argentina según Donquixote.org. Estos platos tienen una gran belleza a los ojos de muchos argentinos ya que han sido refinados y perfeccionados durante cientos de años. Los floridanos encuentran la belleza en la comida, pero no tienen una cultura lo suficientemente cercana como para tener platos nacionales que sean amados por todos, como en Argentina. La florida más cercana a esto es la comida latina como el arroz y los frijoles, pero incluso esto no es disfrutado por muchos floridanos del norte.
Ahora para John Paul sobre la belleza cultural de Florida
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2021.12.03 03:27 CyberChef8 House rental suggestions within 30 mins of the CBD?

Hello all!
My 2 flatmates and I are currently living in the CBD and our lease for our current 2 bedroom apartment expires on the 24th of January. We’ve been here for over 3.5 years now and are wanting to move into a (bigger) 3 bedroom house close to the city. We are considering areas with the likes of Parnell, Newmarket, Ponsonby, Grafton, Mt Eden etc as we all work in the city.
Seeing that multiple people get scammed or treated really shitty by real estate agencies, I was wondering if I could get recommendations as to good agencies or places/websites we can use to directly rent through a landlord?
We’re happy with our current apartment and both of us (landlord and tenants) are happy to renew the contract but We are looking as we are no longer students, hold secure/permanent jobs and can afford to pay more for a bigger space…
The reason I ask is that all the houses I’ve seen on Facebook groups and markets, real estate agencies and a few other websites are either really really expensive or super low quality.
Thanks in advance! :D
TLDR: Looking for houses around CBD area, do you have any recommendations?
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2021.12.03 03:27 newsdk Afsløring: Top-advokat skal undersøges

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2021.12.03 03:27 jeffisnotmyrealname My chotki has a bead in between each ten knots; what should I pray on the beads?

Thank you.
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2021.12.03 03:27 NsfwCanadianQuinn My dad bought this guy for me today, I love the bat slippers

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2021.12.03 03:27 nikonikowhy question about adoptables

so, i have a question. I’ve recently started making furry adoptables to sell, and I was wondering if this was a good place to post them?
I also do commissions, and those seem more common here. Just wondering if that sort of thing is ok? ‘cause i don’t wanna clog up the subreddit with stuff no one is interested in.
thanks! :3
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2021.12.03 03:27 BoardgamesArchivist Expansion tresure hunt

This Christmas I am wanting to get my brother some board game expansions for what he already has and am not sure what I should get. Here are photos of his board game shelf and would love some advice on what are some good expansions. He likes all of the games he has so any of them would be perfect. Currently thinking of getting him an expansion to Root, such as the underworld or river folk (Any thoughts on which is better?), can't find the marauder expansion where we live sadly. looking for about 3 expansions total but not sure what our local stores have in stock so any recommendations are helpful.
Thanks in advance and happy searching:)
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2021.12.03 03:27 MinecoolYT This week's Lych is on Moon Landing

Normal Lych
Moon Landing - Medium - Standard
Selectable Hero
$1050 Starting Cash
200 Lives
Rounds 1-140
Upgrade Restrictions: Spike Factory (5-5-4)
Elite Lych
Moon Landing - Medium - Standard
Selectable Hero
$1050 Starting Cash
150 Lives
Rounds 1-140
Upgrade Restrictions: Spike Factory (5-5-4)
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2021.12.03 03:27 burp_hat_music Music that you can hear

I’m a musician who used to be in a local band called The Tamed West. I decided to make a little diy EP and it would mean so much to me if you checked it out, dear redditor. I don’t have any social media so this is how I’m going to share it with folks. Hope you dig it.
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2021.12.03 03:27 haziskiess My full color coded crystal collection ☺️

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2021.12.03 03:27 Saeul Halo Shop Redesign

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2021.12.03 03:27 ashleypro321 Trans or non-binary

I know I’m not cis. But I don’t know how to figure out if I’m non-binary or a trans man. I have chest dysphoria. She/her pronouns make me uncomfortable. I don’t know if I hate my body because it’s curvy (in a feminine way) or just because it’s fat. I don’t know anything
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2021.12.03 03:27 saltycod A little napkin math on the watermark dailies vs current system

I did some quick maffs, and since launch I've gotten ~1350 total watermark. Discounting the 2 weeks it took me to level (including 4 days without internet), that means I'm earning approximately 168 WM per week, 24 per day. I still have roughly 650 left and that's mostly jewelry, so with the current system that would presumably take me something like 27 more days. But it's not that clearcut since getting jewelry to drop is damn near impossible. So it's more likely I'd literally never finish my jewelry WM with the current system.
So lets look at some of the possibilities of the new system and consider how good/bad each might be:

  1. You get +10 per day from dailies, +1-2 per day from random WM = way less than 24, but at least the 10 is targeted so if you're in my position (mostly jewelry to finish) the new system is probably better
  2. You get +15 per day from dailies, +1-5 per day from random WM = much better for everyone - you could end up with slightly less WM per day on average, but with so much being targeted you'll finish the items you want faster, this would be a massive buff for everyone
  3. You get +1-5 per day from dailies, +1-5 per day from random WM = unfortunately I think this is the most likely type of numbers we'll see - this is way worse from everybody
  4. You get +1-10 per day from dailies, +15 per day from random WM = this would be a very slight nerf to current WM and even though on average you might see less daily WM it's probably better overall
So mean looking at the possible outcomes, it's all about the numbers as to whether or not this is a good change. I wish they'd just tell us the numbers (would be cool if they'd pop out a data sciencey post about how players have progressed so far), but it sure seems like unless they go ludicrously grindy with it (something like option 3), it should likely be a positive change for everyone. It will obviously be the biggest change for someone like me who is done with all their armor and most of their weapons but damn near 0 on jewelry and VG.
We'll hopefully know tomorrow when we get some clear numbers, but I was just thinking about this so figured I'd share.
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2021.12.03 03:27 GoldenSquid_212 When the only happy you get is from reddit

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2021.12.03 03:27 TheLastOfTheCharlies Why!

Am I the only one who when they open cookie run it auto crashes. This started for me at the start of December. I can’t get any rewards or my mail, or play! Please is there a fox or anybody else going through this
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2021.12.03 03:27 Plus-Tax4480 Dxm Report

I haven’t ate all day and want to dose 354mg tonight. I ate my first meal at 10:22pm, was super small. Took 3 20mg edible right now to kick in within a hour. Dosing 354mg dxm at 11:30, before imma take a shower so be back when Im dosing!
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2021.12.03 03:27 Odd_Ear7231 Best Diet Supplements Fit 40 Performance Booster

Best Diet Supplements Fit 40 Performance Booster One of the best diet supplement ideas for active individuals especially those above the age of 40 years. With this amazing fit 40 performance booster, help yourself boost the performance and support muscle strength. Also, replenish your muscle ATP energy stores that can be depleted during high-intensity training.

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2021.12.03 03:27 ShitFuckDickSuck Portrait of My Jillian, me, acrylic on canvas board, 2021

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2021.12.03 03:27 JJTHEMASTUR What would you do if you had Melina in this position?

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2021.12.03 03:27 MadalynHendley 💰 ZTO coin | 📱 Cross-chain NFT social Media APP with built in AI tracing, NFT embedded posts & story sharing, Asset decentralized storage & 1 step NFT minting | 🌎 ZTOVERSE integrating real life businesses with NFT & create diverse NFT usages | 🎁 SUPER reflection + limited NFT drop reward | 🔗BSC

✅ Join telegram for coming community private sale info https://t.me/ztocoinofficial
✅ Gitbook / Whitepaper: https://docs.ztocoin.com/
✅ 1st private sale completed - Big success!!
✅ KYC and audit started
✅ Detailed roadmap till 2022 Q4 in Gitbook
✅ Token super reflection, blackcard ranking program, limited NFT drop reward only for initial investors with limited time offering
✅ Provide NFT focused features no other social networks could do
💰 ZTO coin = utility token in ZTOVERSE unlocking premium services and features ZTO Social Network iOS APP

ZTO Protocol
🌎 Website: https://ztocoin.com/
🕊️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ztocoin
Tokenomics: 💰 Total supply: 625,000,000 ZTO Coin
💰 Core Team: 14%
💰 Initial Circulation: 35%*
💰 Platform: 25%
💰 Mining: 15%
💰 Staking: 5%
💰 VC & shareholders: 6%
Initial Circulating Supply: ~28% of total supply and will be vested.
4% Tax for reflections to holders
4% Marketing fund for perpetual growth
4% Liquidity
3% Developer Tax for continued innovation
Liquidity is locked!!!
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2021.12.03 03:27 herris92 Modifications to a bolt on edge for a timber grapple. Stop resisting, hardox!

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2021.12.03 03:27 gandalfintasagi İlk kek günüm

Atıcak foto yok istersen upla
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2021.12.03 03:27 neilfromsydney2003 “45” …

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2021.12.03 03:27 parkingpasss Partner points out flaws that I dont think I have

Full disclosure we broke up a few weeks ago, then he (Dx and meds) started therapy, so if that continues to go well and changes are made we are interested in getting back together in the near future.
Previous partners, close friends, and family have pointed out flaws of mine before. They're generally pretty consistent and I usually agree with them.
However, my partner points out flaws that I dont think I have and that no one has ever pointed out to me before, and I don't know what to make of that. Honestly, my first assumption is that this is an RSD thing to try to even out the blame between me and him when a situation arises. However, he does consistently believe I have these flaws whether we are arguing or not so I'm not sure if that detracts from the possibility of it being RSD related.
I dont know how to deal with this either. It would be wrong for me to completely invalidate his concerns, but when I talk to close friends about his concerns or Google ways to be better about the stuff he mentions, my friends say they don't think I have this problem and the tips on Google are things I feel like I'm already doing...
Does this happen to anyone else? How do I deal with this?
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