73a8r 8d4ea tkiad 2e822 f7f3e ybkk6 6ht7e 95h39 hhkyi rfsn7 dy4ii 77kfh fbs38 z247n 3dza2 7s7k6 4srs5 3n2by 8h2n9 za2k7 aaa2b You know you have Intel graphics when rendering a triangle uses 100% of your GPU... |

You know you have Intel graphics when rendering a triangle uses 100% of your GPU...

2022.01.19 06:59 iambored1234_8 You know you have Intel graphics when rendering a triangle uses 100% of your GPU...

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2022.01.19 06:59 SnooDonkeys9918 Interesting hypothetical profit/loss

Let’s say you bought a stock for $220, it drops to $150 and you sell a covered call for $165 that gets exercised. You immediately buy back in for $165 and later sell the stock for $220. Did you lose money? I say no, my friend says yes. What do you think?
Debits Purchase -220 Purchase -165
Credits Sale +165 Sale +220
$0 profit or loss
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2022.01.19 06:59 juergjue Pull docker image grafan/grafana:latest -ERROR: ERROR: no matching manifest for unknown in the manifest list entries

Hallo Community.
Hoffentlich könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen. Ich bekomme bei dem ei23 Installationsscript immer einen Fehler beim Image von Grafana.

Pulling grafana (grafana/grafana:latest)...
latest: Pulling from grafana/grafana
ERROR: no matching manifest for unknown in the manifest list entries
Probiert habe ich schon folgende images in der docker-compose.yml image: grafana/grafana:latest
image: grafana/grafana-oss:latest
image: grafana/grafana:8.2.0
image: grafana/grafana:main
image: grafana/grafana-oss:main
Alles resultiert aber in obigem Fehler.
Laut der Homepage von grafana grafana/grafana-oss Tags | Docker Hub sollte es image: grafana/grafana-oss:latest sein, was jedoch auch nicht funktioniert.
Jetzt bin ich auf die OS/Arch Angabe (siehe Tags) gestossen, bringt das etwas? Wie muss ich diese im Image eintragen??
Z.B. bei der InfluxDB würde es so aussehen:
AMD 64: image: amd64/influxdb:1.8
ARM64v8 image: arm64v8/influxdb:1.8
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2022.01.19 06:59 AnnArtshock Cosmic purple Tiger

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2022.01.19 06:59 JuanJK06 fellas, how would you blazon this

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2022.01.19 06:59 Reillyrox13 A talk about Bugs, Bans, and Hunt's Current State.

I am unhappy about the current state of the game. I am unhappy why?

Why is such development allowed, this has been an issue within high rank MMR for two or three months. The activity has also reach to the 4* MMR range, so the de-rendering buildings is becoming more common knowledge. A simple fix for Crytek is to despawn entities along with parts of map that are despawn, but they would likely end up creating invisible players. Another fix is to just create a complete visual barrier (immerse breaking, but the least risky fix to said bug).
Anyhow, I am a mixture of tilted and disappointed. Anyhow, how are y'all faring and feeling.
View Poll
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2022.01.19 06:59 Ok_Librarian5161 What can lower high blood pressure?

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2022.01.19 06:59 erbear790 been a while since I posted here, I'm not really sure if this is even folk punk anymore (After Tomorrow - killmekatie)

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2022.01.19 06:59 azasmouch Dogecoin jumps 9% after Elon Musk says it can be used to buy Tesla merchandise

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2022.01.19 06:59 Mr_N1ce While the market seems interesting or you'd like to just turn around, it's a good time to do some "maintenance" for your crypto

Hi cc
By maintenance, I don't mean buying and selling, do that as you like. But instead, make sure, you have all your private keys in place, all your 2fa set up, do an inventory of everything you have. Is your hardware wallet up to date? Did some coins have an update and you need to do something to keep them? It's so easy to forget about that mobile wallet you set up a few months or years ago. Do you still have access to these coins? Check it and if needed transfer to a safe wallet.
My example? 3 years ago, I messed around a bit with a passphrase on my ledger. For those who don't know, it let's you add a 25th word as extra security which gives access to a completely separate set of public addresses than your 24 words. Guess what, I tried it out, decided it's too much of a hassle and left it after trying. Just what I forgot was to transfer the few coins I tested it with back to my main addresses. So this week,I checked my addresses and noticed, I don't have access to these coins anymore. By pure luck I was able to remember the passphrase I tried out 3 years ago to regain access to my coins in the separate addresses.
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2022.01.19 06:59 xponentialdesign Small opening in the pattern | by Xponentialdesign

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2022.01.19 06:59 UniMaximal Returning player here, just wanted to talk about how much fun the Serenitea Pot is! :D

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2022.01.19 06:59 Jhaynz05 Not even beginner looking to try fencing.

As the title says, I really want to try fencing. The issue is that I live in bumfuck nowhere and have no idea where to start. What would you suggest I do?
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2022.01.19 06:59 sharesneakerYY Air Jordan 6 Retro "University Blue" Real Shots

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2022.01.19 06:59 V3NG3URz BOXNFTs

Welcome BOX NFTs is a project developed on the Solana network. Solana Monkey Business, Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory, Shadowy Super Coder... all the best NFTs collections of the Solana network are in our boxes! 🤩
Every month, 5000 BOX will be mint for only 0.7 SOL and each of them will contain 1 NFT, some of which will contain very rare NFTs worth up to 1000 SOL! 🤯
Each box holder will have the possibility to get access to the most famous NFTs, communities and DAOs on the Solana blockchain. 🤝
BOX NFTs simply offers you a chance to mint the NFT of your dreams, every month, for 0.7 SOL. 🎁
Welcome in the BoxNFTs adventure ...
Link : BOXNFTs
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2022.01.19 06:59 mephias_albo ich_iel

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2022.01.19 06:59 syntek_ Trouble getting uptime in pwsh 7

I have a script that is failing in pwsh 7.x where I am trying to obtain the Windows system uptime. The code is very simple and works under 5.1, but in 7.x, they apparently removed the ConvertToDateTime method from wmi objects.
This is the code I am having trouble with:

$os = Get-WmiObject win32_OperatingSystem $Uptime = (Get-Date) - ($os.ConvertToDateTime($os.LastBootUpTime)) 
And here is the error that is returned under pwsh 7.x:
InvalidOperation: Method invocation failed because [Deserialized.System.Management.ManagementObject#root\cimv2\Win32_OperatingSystem] does not contain a method named 'ConvertToDateTime'. 
I want the code to be able to run in both core and desktop, but I've been banging my head trying to figure this out, and I'm at my wits end. Anyone conquered this yet, or have any ideas or suggestions?
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2022.01.19 06:59 Hazimberg Protector for LG Velvet Dual Screen Case

I've been looking for LG Velvet's Dual Screen Protection Films all over the internet. It isn't available.
The problem is the small screen outside is prone to scratches. Because of this, I had to remove the case and use it as a single-screen phone as it is easy to get cases for it. Please help.
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2022.01.19 06:59 dandelion_fire boo.

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2022.01.19 06:59 NewsElfForEnterprise When We Were Young Festival 2022—Lineup and How To Get Tickets to the Emo Extravaganza

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2022.01.19 06:59 Advanced-Honey-8005 LF; TM roost FT: anything I have

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2022.01.19 06:59 JamiroFan2000 "Virtual Beach - Gorillaz x Jamiroquai Mash-Up" (YouTube)

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2022.01.19 06:59 zoyanx Investor for a crypto website?

So I identified a market gap in crypto space and created a site to fill that gap. Within 24hrs of launching I got over 1000 visitors then it stabilised around 100 visitors daily.
After some time of launching it I started monetising it with handful of users as a test and ended up making $300 within 20 days. Considering how big this space is and how new my site is with low visitors count it’s incredible. Now the site has started receiving traffic from google and it’s growing everyday.
I am certain that I can grow the monthly revenue 10 times easily actually the opportunity to grow is over 300 times but I am taking average conversion rate into account of course it can grow way beyond that with proper marketing and planning.
I have already planned out the marketing and advertising part. Currently working on integration and scaling.
Now I am stuck cause I need investment to focus on this site full time. The offers I have gotten so far were either people trying to outright buy my site out or offering loans with ridiculous interest and timeframe.
Since this a content site with no product that is being sold I don’t think the VC or incubators will be interested in it. The cost of licensing itself is worth the investment amount I am seeking so getting a license now with a partner is not an option. Any advice will be really helpful.
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2022.01.19 06:59 purpleaspentrees That moment when...

You forgot to call in a refill for your abortive and now you're suffering and throwing up at 5am and calling off of work :')
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2022.01.19 06:59 EggFaceCabbage22 Looking for a song

In season 3 episode 25 when they are at the prom what is the name of the song they are dancing to before cha cha slide, I've heard it before and I love the song but can't remember the name, any help is appreciated, thanks.
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